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Our bali woman skirt and pants collection are made of rayon material, crincle, cotton, jersey, sarongs, pareo with the combination of etnic print, tie dye, also with the combination accessories range from crochet, natural beads, natural coconut shell, sea shell, wooden accessories, embroiderry, etnic paint, and other accessories.
We accept custome clothing design as we normally do made to order based on our customer's own design also other special request are widely welcome.
In the year of 2005 we started to manufacture and wholesale bali clothing and accessories and we are working with a network of small family business in bali island.

If you require any additional information or we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us for wholesale bali clothing information.

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wholesale bali clothing manufacturer garments

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bali jewelry belt accessories
bali jewelry bracelet accessories
bali jewelry earring accessories
bali jewelry necklace accessories
bali jewelry ring accessories

  animal woodcarving

bali animal natural woodcarving
bali animal painted color woodcarving
bali animal small woodcarving

  aroma therapy and spa

bali incense and spa products

  clothing batik garment

bali clothing - dress
bali clothing - man shirt
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bali candle crafts
bali candle holder
bali ceramic mozaic
bali display for table decorative
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bali frame for home decorative
bali miniature vehicle and kid toys
bali terazzo home interior
bali vase made of wood
bali windchimes and mobiles

  furniture meubel

bali bamboo rattan furniture
bali painted colorful and small furniture
bali primitive furniture

bali teak furniture beds and bed side
bali teak furniture buffets
bali teak furniture cabinets
bali teak furniture chairs
bali teak furniture tables
bali teak furniture variety

  gift collections

bali ashtray crafts
bali book made of natural recycle paper
bali calendar crafts
bali keyring with animal and flower designs
bali magnet crafts
bali mix gift collection
bali pencils, natural and toys design
bali puzzle for kids, made from teak wood

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bali handbag ata
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bali shoulder bag


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bali homeware bamboo
bali boxes collection
bali homeware cinnamon
bali homeware coconut
bali placemat
bali homeware shell
bali homeware teracotta
bali homeware in wooden


instrument, assorted bali instruments


lamp shade, exotic bali lamps


bali mask and primitive mask

  metal craft

bali metal crafts - candle holder, hangers.


bali mozaic mirror
bali wooden natural mirror


bali paintings in assorted designs


bali packaging - boxes
bali packaging - envelope
bali packaging - hang tags
bali packaging - label
bali packaging - paper bags
bali packaging - spundbond bags
bali packaging - sticker barcode

  photo album

bali photo album - natural designs

  photo frame

bali photo frame in natural designs

  sandal and shoe

bali beaded sandal
bali high heel sandals
bali natural sandal - from natural material
bali shoe - balerina shoe

  sarong - pareo

bali sarong embroiderry beaded
bali sarong hand painting
bali sarong print design
bali sarong watercolor and brushline

  stone crafts

bali stone in statue designs
bali stone water fountain

  wall decoration

bali wall decoration - african
bali wall decoration - etnic
bali wall decoration - zodiac

  wood carving

bali wood carving - buddha
bali wood carving - statue and sculpture

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